Monday, 26 March 2007

Policies of a Good Candidate

total vision

  • a fair & honest Milne Bay based on Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) development by PNGs
  • honour existing development agreements, but
  • re-negotiate unjust and unfair development agreements
  • devolve power, and empower local level government and provinces.


  • call for the abolition of the national-debt
  • down-size public-sector in Milne Bay to between 40 - 60 % of current size, and get a PEP project to support a fair & just re-retrenchment package. Move downsizing savings to infrastructure and social services. Insist on computer literacy for all officials.
  • allow taxpayers to tithe 10% of their taxes to their churches for church health, education & infrastructure
  • call for implementation of a strong kina close to either US or Australian dollar in value.
  • call for a basic wage to equal actual cost of family of 4, and establish "equal-pay for equal work" (no special "expatriate" salaries & allowances)


  • publish the Milne Bay development plan hard-copy, and on the web
  • priority to SME by Milne Bay people.
  • devolve forest and fisheries powers to the province
  • stop export logging in Milne Bay; only allow exporting of processed timber (no exporting fliches)
  • call for all gold & copper to be processed in-country, the stripping of wet gas in-country
  • call for the re-negotiation of the parity pricing oil agreement between the GofPNG and InterOil, for domestic processors.


  • finish sealing road from border to East-Cape, & implement rural electrification along the corridor
  • do a road-maintenance plan and public updates regularly (on the web)
  • no road-link to Port Moresby during the 2007- 2012 Parliament.
  • extend mobile telephone, and affordable broadband, coverage to all Milne Bay District centres
  • wharf-building & upgrading at all Milne Bay seaboard district & sub-district ports
  • complete international airport renovations at Gurney
  • implement Gurney-Cairns air link.
  • re-develop Samarai for tourism,
  • put a satellite-towns at Gurney, and other Milne Bay district centres


  • target food-production, switch from export-cropping to food-production, marketing and downstream processing based on existing gardening skills and food-security
  • target youth and women in agricultural development and SME
  • fix-up the markets in Alotau, and other key Milne Bay locations
  • establish a coconut oil processing facility in Milne Bay
  • integrate food-production with existing oil palm, and have palm-oil and palm kernel processed in-country
  • regularly review the oil palm FFB price, to get rid of monopoly-pricing effects and stop cheating small-holders
  • no expansion of oil palm in forests to protect biodiversity for future generations


  • free education from elementary to grade 12
  • radically alter existing curricula so that each student leaves school with a "skill": horticulture, animal husbandry, agriculture, carpentry, metal-work, engine-maintenance, electric, computers, accountancy
  • access the US$20 million ADB Skills Development Trust fund to develop technical skills
  • adequate number of competitive scholarships for tertiary education so no talented child is prevented by poverty from achieving their ambition.


  • accept the Cuban offer of 600 doctor scholarships for Papua New Guineans in Cuba, and 200 Cuban doctors while they study. 2 doctors in every district
  • upgrade health clinics in all districts
  • upgrade Alotau General Hospital outpatients ward
  • private health option in Milne Bay with link to an Australian hospital

law & justice

  • seek international assistance for policing to minimise crime in Milne Bay
  • "neighbourhood watch" and community policing throughout the province
  • put a judge in Alotau (build judges house)
  • review court-system, including infrastructure and civil & criminal procedure
  • see:
  • ICAC to stop corruption
  • publish monthly Milne Bay Provincial Government and all LLG accounts, hard-copy & on the web

Land & resources

  • land powers to be fully devolved to the province with adequate funding
  • land register of Milne Bay alienated land to be in the Province, and accessible electronically in each district.
  • separate system of land, resources and environment courts to be established and funded in Milne Bay
  • supremacy of customary ownership to be confirmed, and state land rents to be paid to customary owners
  • resources law to confirm the ownership of minerals and hydrocarbons vests with customary owners.


  • Devolve environmental power to the province, and beef-up inspectoral capability & enforce environmental laws
  • introduce re forestation and replanting laws in LLGs to ensure replanting of all trees harvested for sawmills (rosewood & kwila)
  • link landscape planning to physical planning to protect the landscape as a tourist asset
  • Ban submarine-tailings, riverine tailings disposal, and deep-seabed mining in Milne Bay
  • ban export live-fishing in Milne Bay to protect domestic food-supply
  • plan and wind-down beche-de-mer and shark-fin to prevent stocks collapsing totally
  • Commission of Enquiry into the past activities of the Milne bay export logging industry

foreign affairs

  • press Australia to accept seasonal workers from Milne Bay.
  • call for support to West Papuan self-determination, internationally